Hospitality (Re)Defined

What We Believe

We believe that human beings are naturally inclined to serve others. That people find joy in the pleasure of others. And that people should always be kind and generous to one another. So we’ve defined hospitality as kindness and generosity, and those values guide all of our decisions.

That’s why everything you need while traveling is included in your rate. And for any unexpected thing that you might need during your stay, odds are we’ll just give it to you without charge – no nickels and dimes, remember? We’re building a world full of people that share these beliefs, where everyone takes responsibility for making each human interaction uplifting and enchanting.

Our Promise

A New Kind of World

Imagine the experience you’ll have in the hands of individuals who don’t have to wait around for a supervisor’s instructions or a manager’s approval to make you happy. Individuals who instead take bold action to bring you on the spot joy.

The way we’re building this kind of world is by throwing out as many rules, policies, and standard operating procedures as we can. We’re enabling everyone on our team to thoughtfully make their own judgments and decisions about how best to make you happy.

This may seem impossible, but the problem with rules and policies is that they encourage people to act without thinking. We find this dangerous, and would rather put our trust in people’s thoughtfulness.

What does this mean for you? No waiting around for a “manager on duty” to fix a problem, or for a “supervisor” to call you back with an answer to your request. No canned response that quotes some stupid policy. You can expect our bellman to offer you the very solution that the hotel owner would.