Franklin Team

The Franklin Hotel Team

Wondering why your stay is so fabulous? It’s these folks.

These team members have been thoughtfully brought together based on their common spirit of friendliness and helpfulness. You know these folks – they are the ones who naturally offer a warm “Good morning!” to strangers, who help a lost child find their parent in the grocery store, and who pick up stray trash from the street. You come across them from time to time in the real world, and we’ve taken great care to bring as many of them as possible together at our hotel. So you can bet that taking care of you is already their natural way of life.

These folks love working with each other and are always helping each other across departmental functions. At The Franklin Hotel, everyone does everything. You’ll often find the hotel owners and sales people helping to clear your table, checking you in at the welcome desk, and carrying your luggage. We don’t operate from our job titles (in fact, we’re considering getting rid of our job titles altogether!), but do whatever it takes to thrill the person in front of us at any given time.