Jennifer Beranek

Jen leads our sales team at the Franklin Hotel, and loves learning about you and your clients’ needs so she can help tailor a customized program for you. With Jen, you won’t have to worry about things like lengthy contracts or compliance with annoying hotel policies.

She’s here to make things easy for you, and understands that there are no rules when bringing about that perfect connection between “host” and guest”. We’re pretty sure you’ll love working with her!

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Alicia Whitehurst

Alicia leads our training programs for the Welcome team, which includes our bellmen and reception staff. She has responsibility for the arrival experience of our guests and the reservations and check/in processes that impact that experience. In this role, she is constantly reinventing and improving upon what our guests see and feel when they book their stay and arrive to our hotel.

Alicia’s warm personality and bright smile make all our guests feel at home at The Franklin. Over the last few years, she has become a familiar face and a trusted host to our regular guests who love catching up with her on each visit.

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Wes Rowe

As part of our sales team, Wes works hard to make sure that all events are meticulously planned and well thought out. The great thing about Wes is that he doesn’t like the word “no”. Whatever your request, he’ll work non-stop until he finds a way to make it happen.

When you book your function at The Franklin Hotel, you’ll be glad that Wes is on your side to see it through till the end.

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Maria Vallecillo

Maria leads our housekeeping department where she and her team focus on keeping all the guest rooms and public areas sparklingly clean and fresh. She likes to joke that her team doesn’t only clean the bathrooms, they actually wash the bathrooms – and it’s true!

Maria likes to convey a sense of abundance when it comes to the amenities and supplies found throughout the hotel so no one is ever left wanting for more. So when it comes towels, soaps and shampoos, bottled water, and the like – you can bet that no matter where you are in the hotel there will be plenty of everything right at your fingertips.

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Katie Buchanan

Katie joined The Franklin Hotel in 2008, bringing 10 years of customer service experience to our team. Since then she has worked in several different departments, sharpening her ability to understand how each guest is experiencing our hotel at various points during their stay.

Katie’s affinity for numbers and attention to detail has led her to the accounting department, where she takes pleasure in ensuring correct billing for all hotel guests, prompt payments to our suppliers, and smooth functioning of our payroll. She has an unwavering commitment to always do right by the customer, and her empathetic approach makes her a rarity in today’s corporate billing world.

Ever tried to get a charge corrected with your bank or phone company?!? Well, working with Katie is nothing like that. When things go wrong or billing challenges arise, Katie’s swift response time and sympathetic ear make her a client favorite.

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Kelly Kleinbrahm

Kelly is your personal host. Her joy is to get to know you as a person and be your direct resource for anything you might need before, during, or after your stay. Since we want you to fall in love with The Franklin, she has committed to building an authentic relationship with you to learn why you visit Chapel Hill and what you care about when traveling. Have any favorites? Special requests? Kelly is always on the look out to understand those and share with our team so we can accommodate you before you even have to ask.

If you’re interested in connecting with Kelly, you won’t have to look far – her email address is just below. But odds are, she’s already reviewing your reservation as we speak and planning to give you a call to introduce herself before you even get to Chapel Hill!

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Jay Patel

Jay leads all the hotel teams, and his chief responsibility is to find talented people who love to serve others and bring them on board The Franklin Hotel. He spends most of his time helping the team understand the hospitality mission of our hotel and coaching them to make great decisions to take care of our guests.

Jay’s other big responsibility is to constantly initiate the thoughtful design and implementation of new product and service experiences at the hotel. So he’s always questioning the traditional ways of running a hotel, and pushing the envelope on what more can (and should) be done in the interests of our guests.

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Your Hosts

The Franklin Hotel Team

Wondering why your stay is so fabulous? It’s these folks.

These team members have been thoughtfully brought together based on their common spirit of friendliness and helpfulness. You know these folks – they are the ones who naturally offer a warm “Good morning!” to strangers, who help a lost child find their parent in the grocery store, and who pick up stray trash from the street. You come across them from time to time in the real world, and we’ve taken great care to bring as many of them as possible together at our hotel. So you can bet that taking care of you is already their natural way of life.

These folks love working with each other and are always helping each other across departmental functions. At The Franklin Hotel, everyone does everything. You’ll often find the hotel owners and sales people helping to clear your table, checking you in at the welcome desk, and carrying your luggage. We don’t operate from our job titles (in fact, we’re considering getting rid of our job titles altogether!), but do whatever it takes to thrill the person in front of us at any given time.

Mark Sweitzer

Meet Mark, our Food & Beverage Coordinator. His pleasure is to make sure all catered functions, meal services, and bar/lounge experiences are delivered precisely as planned.

What’s more, when our guests have an unexpected need or a last minute request, Mark has the impressive ability to make it happen as if it was planned all along!

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